NOT YET is a piece of literary fiction imbued with social commentary reflecting on the depressive conditions that lead to suicide.  This introspective, in-depth character study of a single father, who is utterly surrounded by women, details the emotional struggle of raising a teenage daughter while confronting the imminent demise of his grandmother slowly engulfed by Alzheimer’s.  The dark theme of suicide is uplifted by musings on race, religion, history and feminism with humor occurring suddenly in the midst of dialogue-driven Socratic therapy.

The story follows Aaron Clifton as he attempts to hide the effects of depression from his daughter while enabling his drunken ex-wife, avoiding his mother, caring for his fading grandmother, and managing calls at the Crisis Center from people contemplating and attempting suicide.  The opening begins in medias res during a hostage situation with an active shooter, then an elaborate wedding scene with Death as the bride and her groom Despair, followed by a road-trip to Rainbow Gathering and ending with Aaron’s decision about suicide.

At nearly 150,000 words spanning 450 pages with 130 exaggerated footnotes designated by seventeen time-stamps, NOT YET offers a temporally-deconstructed glimpse of a man conflicted by the contemplation of assisting his grandmother in death.