For the last 5 years, I’ve finished a manuscript every June 1st.

                        Good to have deadlines, right?

In light of the recent and tragic suicides of celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I'm currently working with Harvard Square Editions to publish a manuscript I've been working on for over two years.

"Aaron Clifton, a social worker at the Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline Center, is tormented by the request to help his ailing grandmother kill herself.”

10,000 DAYS is an 80,000-word science-fiction/social commentary manuscript written in 2016. The story recounts the days following an intergalactic broadcast from an alien species that do not plan to invade the Earth but rather test one person to determine if humankind is worthy. Humankind is given 30 years, or 10,000 days, to prepare for the alien’s arrival and each country is asked to nominate one individual for the training facility at UNOHSP, the United Nations One Human Selection Process.

PUEBLO FALLS is a 55,000-word near future dystopian fiction manuscript written in 2014.  The rousing dialogue and cast of colorful characters provide a memorable journey through an increasingly isolated America.  The story, an ensemble piece of eight artists living within the Pueblo Falls Artist Community soon after the passage of Patriot Act Three, intertwines fringe protagonists conflicted by identity and reflects the interdependence between art and madness. 

NO-HITTER is a 45,000-word young adult/sports/queer lit genre manuscript written in 2013.  The story revolves around two boys who become professional baseball players, Louie Hernandez and Timmy Franks.  Since childhood, their private friendship has remained hidden despite their publicly antagonistic feud upon the baseball diamond.  The revelation of Timmy’s sexual orientation by a selfish reporter threatens to destroy his friendship with Louie as well as the sanctity of America’s favorite pastime and ultimately America’s homophobic morality.

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