For once, I’m writing about death and it has nothing to do with suicide.

For an author, POD-NR can be a death “sentence”. Print-on-Demand, non-returnable.

In the ol’days (before self-publishing flooded the market with over 2 million new books every year!), an author would have a print run of X amount of books through their publisher.  Now, as a first-time author, you will most likely have a POD-NR status.

This can be a death sentence.  It’s been a fight to get my book out to a wider audience and having a novel that is print on demand and non-returnable basically disqualifies me from being carried by any bookstore. The big chains (Barnes & Noble) won’t order my book because they can’t return it and get their money back when it doesn’t sell. Small bookstores want me to sign a lengthy contract, bring in my own copies and then take nearly all the profits. And they hesitate to place local authors on the shelf after a book reading. Also, POD can take weeks to get more copies, which means I might not have enough in time if I want to plan numerous signings.   

With all these worries, it’s no wonder authors shy away from self-promoting book tours.  It’s a nightmare, but . . . 

Good news this morning! Heard back from my publisher and they informed me,   

     “Never fear. We're able to change your status to Returnable.”

Like a call from the Governor, I’m off death row!