In 2016, Eric Andre was interviewed, more like read a bunch of questions, by Larry King. Admittedly, Rabbi Andre is a most difficult guest to interview only because he craves connection and dialogue, albeit through shock, nudity and destruction. 

Part of Eric Andre’s appeal seems to be that he is consciously ignorant of an audience, he straight up gives zero fucks.  When asked about his future plans, he responded with a public suicide but without an audience, then who is he entertaining?

The tag line for my upcoming novel NOT YET is, “Entertainment Encourages Suicide”
and here we have the inverse—suicide as entertainment:  


(Larry King Now, Season 5/Episode 6, at 21:30)

Larry King: Let's say, give me you at age forty. What are you doing? 

Eric Andre:  Forty . . . I always dreamed of killing myself on stage, because you can only do that once, because no one’s ever really done it, and wouldn’t it be an amazing show.

[*Footnote: Oddly, as I write this nearly 45 years ago to the day, on July 15, 1974, Christine Chubbuck, a 29-year-old newscaster in Florida, said in front of the rolling camera, "In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living color, you are going to see another first: an attempted suicide.” Chubbuck then reached into a bag, took out a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, and shot herself in the head.] 

LK: Andy Kaufman thought about it.

EA: Yeah, wouldn’t it be crazy to see something live and their head exploded on the stage. (*see above footnote) Not in a depressive way, like in an exciting way.

LK: How would you lead up to it? (*Best question of the interview! This is why Larry is great)

EA: Ah, a lot of Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (*that’s funny!), Craigslist.

LK: Come in and watch this. So, you’d get a huge audience?

EA: Huge audience! Two, three . . .

LK: Would you book a hall?

EA: I’d book a hall (*sounds like a New York Jew when he says “holl”), I’d book a corridor, whatever, whatever it takes (*which is my motto as I’m working with the Publisher).

LK: What method would you use (pause) to kill yourself? (*Larry actually says “kill yourself” which a lot of people avoid saying.)

EA: Ummm, I think I would skydive without a parachute into the building, ah, onto a bed of nail. That would be a show.

-End scene-


But that’s not all, because the last part is the best.

Larry asked him, “Do you think you would have fear on the way down?”

Eric’s answer revealed that thirst which motivates him in life, and the reason why he does the Eric Andre show. “I think I would have a lot of fear, and excitement.”

That subtle combination of mortal terror and adrenaline is ultimately the only answer to the one question people cannot answer when it comes to suicide: Why.

Of the 5 W’s of any inquiry, we usually know who killed themselves, and we know where and when. The what is the most often asked question, but stated as “How?”, as in the method. That only leaves the illusive reason why someone either attempted or completed suicide.

And that's the answer, baby, right there: Fear and Excitement.