I've got Dolly Parton's "Working 9-to-5" running through my head but watching my neighbor walk down the street, the lyrics become "8-to-3".

My neighbor lives in a halfway house across the street and when he goes for a stroll, he takes 8 steps forward and then 3 steps back.  That's his ritual, and I'm not sure if he's physically disabled, exhibiting a case of autism mixed with OCD or just a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks.  Takes him awhile to get anywhere, but I’m amazed because at least he’s getting farther along than women in America.

Read today that the suicide rate for pre-teen girls is on the rise.  Not sure, but it seems to follow a sociological trend that is forcing women to act more like men.

In 2005, the first Silver Star was awarded to a woman solider who served in Iraq.  In 2013, women were finally allowed to serve in combat roles within the U.S. military.  Last year, for the first time a female cadet served as regimental commander of the 2,400 classmates at the Citadel. 

I've noticed more ads for Libido-Max, basically Viagra for women.  Instead of decreasing the hyper-sexuality of men, society is amping up women’s sex drive to match the porn-addled male-mind.

Where is this leading?  What does society have to gain by the masculinization of women? Perhaps mandatory registration with the Selective Service System.

Women will soon be called up for the Draft.  

And this seems to be happening concurrently with States rushing to outlaw abortion. The government desires to expand their control of women’s bodies by enacting restrictive abortion legislation while forcing women to sacrifice their lives in combat as well.  The United States seems intent on completely destroying the agency of women by negating the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice argument.  Women will be forced by the State to be an agent of Pro-Life by being forced to give birth, but also Pro-Death by being forced to take life in war. The moral contradiction and hypocrisy is astounding.

8 steps forward . . . 3 steps back.