Suicide as an excuse to cover the truth.  

Eric Andre on Larry King Now

Who's the next celebrity suicide?

 Oh, please don't.

I could have done Anything, instead I decided to do Nothing.

The Masculinization of Women in America

Waiting to hear back from the Publisher is like hanging out at the DMV . . . for months!

How two lost fingers explain Pearl Harbor.  

So, a therapist and a jumper walk into a bar . . .

Racism, Homophobia, Anti-Semitism and Misogyny as ammo for American soldiers to defeat Fascism in WWII.

Only Loss is greater than the Expectation.

Abraham Lincoln was so Emo and he never carried a pocket knife.

 Kids, always asking the hard questions.  

Trump as both Lex Luthor and the Devil

Humanity, not Location, connects us.

I never want to be an expert on suicidology or sexual assault. 

Life & Death over the Holiday Season

 500 pages on Suicide

Da’anzho ya’ateh.

 I tend to run towards danger. 


A pessimist is never surprised . . . and never disappointed. 


From writer to published author.  

Pretend to be an expert.

“No Hurry!  No Worry!!”

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