Gold, Silver and Bronze! 

My last blog:  Surrender on Armistice Day

A wake-up call from the front desk of indifference. 

Winning a book award during a pandemic.

This is why Black Lives Matter!

Dopamine, Oxytocin, Endorphin, Serotonin -- put them to work. 

Do private statues belong on public land?

I am a co-belligerent.

 isolation in paradise and no sex? A show for the pandemic.

. . . and failing. 

Pandemic’s panic is contagious. 

The effect of constant harassment.  

If they ask, then I know.

Preparing for “Post-plague Fatigue” 

Writing has prepared me for Quarantine. 

“My vulnerability makes me a safe place.”

The havoc of Oxytocin. 


Women have Aunt Flo, we get Uncle Tears.

Launching does not mean giving birth.    

Saving one life at a time. With Cheetos. 

How to get a book off the ground.

Offerings to my therapist. 

Is my first novel out?  Not yet.

 Tomorrow is an interview for my first podcast. 

I met Julia Alvarez last night and she wants to hold my baby.

We cannot be erased.

“Entertainment encourages suicide.”

When books are bombs.

The first 2 copies of my novel are in the mail, and I'm thinking about Robin Williams. 

Don’t call it Suicide Prevention.

Write one book on suicide and forever answer the phone, “Who died?”

My house is caving in. 

Suicide as an excuse to cover the truth.  

Eric Andre on Larry King Now

Who's the next celebrity suicide?

 Oh, please don't.

I could have done Anything, instead I decided to do Nothing.

The Masculinization of Women in America

Waiting to hear back from the Publisher is like hanging out at the DMV . . . for months!

How two lost fingers explain Pearl Harbor.  

So, a therapist and a jumper walk into a bar . . .

Racism, Homophobia, Anti-Semitism and Misogyny as ammo for American soldiers to defeat Fascism in WWII.

Only Loss is greater than the Expectation.

Abraham Lincoln was so Emo and he never carried a pocket knife.

 Kids, always asking the hard questions.  

Trump as both Lex Luthor and the Devil

Humanity, not Location, connects us.

I never want to be an expert on suicidology or sexual assault. 

Life & Death over the Holiday Season

 500 pages on Suicide

Da’anzho ya’ateh.

 I tend to run towards danger. 


A pessimist is never surprised . . . and never disappointed. 


From writer to published author.  

Pretend to be an expert.

“No Hurry!  No Worry!!”

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